About Woodies

The Mask Maker Fan art by @brandonmighty

Woodies is a decentralized web3 entertainment brand with a collection of 9,739 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Offering decentralized IP ownership, it conveys family-friendly, story-driven artwork and themes supporting nature and conservation.

Released in August 2021 as a collaboration from UltraDAO artists, the Woodies generative collection sold out in 30 minutes during the public release using an innovative mint pass system. The combined collections have a combined trading volume of over $11 million USD to date (as of April 2022).

As more than just an avatar project, the Woodies project is a story-driven, family friendly brand focused on environmental conservation and sustainability.

The Woodies, as part of the original project launch, funded a Million Tree Pledge with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future.

A web3 media and entertainment powerhouse

Woodies is a mix of centralized and decentralized IP. The Woodies Core Character collection is owned by UltraDAO Studios, LLC and is being developed as a media franchise expanding into television, film, literature, games, and other media. The centralized ownership of the primary Woodies IP allows UltraDAO Studios to operate independently and build an internationally-celebrated entertainment brand.

In contrast, Woodies Generative collection rights are conveyed to each individual collector. That means owners can monetize their characters without any limitation. Make your Woodie the face of your brand, open a business, sell eco-friendly soaps, license to a gaming studio, etc. Woodies holders are encouraged to create personas and stories, develop products, and build a successful brand with the Woodies they own.

Woodies fan art Fan art by @nonfunj